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To select an importer and processor for a content file after it has been added to your project, first select the content file in the solution explorer. Then, in the properties window (usually on bottom right), click on the "Content Importer" box and select the importer you want. Do the same for the "Content Processor" box.

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Barbatos Feb 28, 2009 at 6:22 PM 
I'm using this component library with XNA 3 & VS 2008 Express, with Xclna.Xna.Animation.Content.dll compiled for XNA 3 downloaded from the web ( After I add the reference to the Content dll in Content solution explorer folder, I am still unable to choose "X File - Animation Library" as Content Importer (the same for content processor). It simply doesn't appear among the choices. What should I do?
When I open already implemented project, downloadable too from the aforementioned forum, importer is selectable. What do I have to do, except for adding content reference, to have the new importer appear in x file properties?