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You can use BVH animations with your model(.X or .FBX).

To use BVH animations with your model:
  • model must be rigged with the same skeleton as in BVH (the structure of skeleton, names of bones and lengths of bones are important; the bind pose is not important);
  • model must be skinned (the bind pose is not important);
  • at run time, you must add the animation to your AnimationController, like this:
 Model model = content.Load<Model>("bear");
 AnimationController c=new AnimationController(game, model, 0);
 ModelAnimationCollection a = content.Load<ModelAnimationCollection>("bear_walk");
 c.Animations.Add(a[0].Name, a[0]);
  • to have your BVH file checked for compatibility of skeleton with your model at build time, follow name convention <model><underscore><animation>.bvh (like in "bear.x" and "bear_walk.bvh").

There is a collection of free BVH files at

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