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This tutorial will lead you through creating an animated dwarf that can realistically walk and run around.
Here is the completed solution for the tutorial, including optional parts:


  1. Click on the releases tab and download both the DLLs and the tutorial content files.
  2. Setting Up the Project
  3. Creating a ModelAnimator
  4. Running an Animation (idle animation)
  5. (OPTIONAL) Viewing the Dwarf in a ModelViewer
  6. (OPTIONAL) Using your Own Transform for A Bone (how to make an animation not affect a bone and use your own transform for the bone)
  7. (OPTIONAL) Mixing two Animations Additively (making the dwarf nod while doing other things; setting different bones to be exclusively affected by different animations )
  8. Creating the Ground (as a frame of reference)
  9. Creating a Camera
  10. Making the Dwarf Walk (and move around)
  11. Blending Between Idle and Walk
  12. (OPTIONAL) Running An Animation Once and Using the AnimationEnded Event (making the dwarf crouch)
  13. (OPTIONAL) Running An Animation Backwards and Manually Advancing An Animation (standing the dwarf back up)
  14. Making the Dwarf Run

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yonifra Apr 13, 2011 at 6:44 AM 
The date of the file is 2007 and when I try to open the solution file it's stated that it's VS2005, probably a very outdated version of XNA
However, the guy who runs this project stated that he didn't update the Tutorials, so we can't complain :)

huadi Aug 17, 2010 at 2:35 AM 
what is the xna version of the ?
I can't open it ;