In .X ascii files, the speed of the animation is stored as a template that follows this format:
    // This can be found in many ascii .X files, and can be added to ascii
    // .X files that do not contain it.
      <ticks per second>;

We add an <animtickspersecond> node because the content pipeline processors give no information on keyframe indices to the processor; they just store keyframes as time/transform pairs. Note that adding this node is optional if we want to split up the animation by time rather than by keyframe index

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missileControl Nov 6, 2007 at 8:15 PM 
I'm using kW X-port plugin for 3DS Max v9, and my AnimTicksPerSecond is in a different format... shown below... if anyone want to shed some light on the differences... post here.

template AnimTicksPerSecond {
DWORD AnimTicksPerSecond;
AnimTicksPerSecond fps {