Textureless skinned model is rendered white

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Jan 29, 2009 at 12:39 AM
Hi guys,
I got it all working perfectly. Congratullations & thanks a lot for this big & great tool!

I only have one issue for the moment:

I'm loading a model with no textures (just color -materials), & I see it white (with no volume, plain white).
I guess that the shaders provided in the example (skinFX) doesn't handle coloring (without textures), so if it receives a textureless model, it just paint it white as it finds no textures.
I am very green in shaders programming, maybe this is a piece of cake, but i'm a bit stuck...

My non-skinned models are painted using basic effects & they really look pretty, with volume and nice colours. So I tried changing the effects & setting basic effects to the meshes of my skinned model, but i had no luck (the animation is gone, or whatever, but no color nor volume...)

Can anyone help me please?
Thanks a lot.