Dressing room and non-skinned animation.

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Jun 8, 2013 at 9:03 AM

I am trying to figure out the following:

A. How can you swap skinned meshes at runtime? I am trying to create a "dressing room" where the player can pick different clothing pieces for their avatar. Can you do this with XNACL? The homepage says the lib supports "Models with multiple meshes" what does this mean? I perused the internet and it appears a to be huge problem, the only possible solution I see it to store separate parts of the model with their respective bones and combine them at runtime into a multi-model thingie. I don't like it because the artists won't be able to draw animations in a natural way, they will have to animate different parts separately and hope it all looks nice in the end.

B. The lib supports non-skinned animations, what does this mean? I am trying to import a splatter object, basically an set of polygons animated via simple displacement, but the XNACL model processor won't allow it. What model processor do I need to use?

I tried asking dastle personally these questions but he does not respond.