How to create Animation Clips for XNAnimation

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Sep 17, 2008 at 5:37 PM
Hi, perhaps I'll be redirected to some other site or forum, but it doesn't matter as long as it helps. =)

I've been trying to develop a simple demo of a skinned model and then exporting it to XNA from my 3D software. Unfortunatly I've been trying with Softimage so far and it's getting me nowhere. Investigating I've learned about XNAnimation, and well, here I am. My question is not really about how to use XNAnimation, but about creating the clips in 3D Studio Max or Maya (either is fine). I've looked, but all a get are tutorials about how to render animation clips as AVIs or some other video format, not about creating the clips and exporting them to a .FBX file.

Can anyone help me to find some sort of documentation about how to create the clips and exporting them to .FBX? It's for a character that has bones, rigging, skinning... the works. Also, while on the subject, I've learned that the .FBX file exports everything as a single "Take 001" clip. What about multiple clips (such as standing, running, walking, etc.) for a single character?

Thanks a lot for any help you could give me.