XNA Animation on Windows Phone 7

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Jul 30, 2011 at 2:48 AM

Hi everybody,

I'm trying to make XNA Animation Component Library working on Windows Phone 7, I project to create a game in 3D and I need something to interprete my Models.

I tried to run using the XNA 4 version which I compiled for Windows Phone 7, I had to change SortedList by Dictionary in AnimationInfo.cs.

When I try to run my app which contains the example's dwarf, he is static, no movement, I try to rotate using the World property, nothing work.


So I try to use the Test program which is attached to the XNA 4's version on Windows Phone.

When I build the first time, it says to me that Custom Shaders are not supported on Windows Phone so I remove this part of this app and after I have the same result, no animation. If I try to run the projet in Windows, same thing, no animation, no world update.

If I put the .Fx again, and reactivate Effects, animations work again !

Other things which can help, when I follow your tutorial, I saw that you use BasicPaletteEffect whith the dwarf, but all effects I have after process are BasicEffects.