Animation Component Lib vs Skinning Sample

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Apr 2, 2008 at 6:58 PM
I have been looking around in this project and I wounder if it is worth getting in to it? What i mean is that I se alot of people having alot of issues, especially when migrating to XNA2. I am kinda new to XNA and animation in XNA but i have seen the animation sample on the XNA tutorial page, and I am woundering if I should go with that instead?
Apr 3, 2008 at 9:25 PM
Hey drywoolf,
just a few months ago, I was doing the same thing you were; comparing the XNA Animation Component LIbrary (ACL) to Microsoft's skinning sample. the truth is, you're going to be learning something new either way, and either way there's going to be some level of difficulty.

I chose the ACL because I felt it was easier and made more sense to run the animations, plus had some really nice collision bone detection (something you would have to implement yourself using the skinning sample). Additionally it has a tutorial, instead of just throwing a massive amount of code at you to sort through.

The ACL is not officially updated to XNA 2.0 yet, but the lead programmer dastle is working on it. I have been eble to get it to work using El Sibor's method on this thread:

So I really still think ACL is the best option, it works, it's easy to use and learn, and now that dastle is back, I have noticed a lot more people on the forums, meaning there is going to be a lot more support due to the increase in interest. Plus, dastle has told us that he is working on getting the ACL officially updated to XNA 2.0.