Help with animating model with 3ds Max and import to XNAnimation

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Feb 20, 2011 at 5:08 PM


I am a newbie with no knowledge in modeling and i help some guide and help for my sch project. Would appreciated if u take a look at my problem. thanks :)

I have used XNA 3.1 and downloaded XNAnimation sample for my sch project. I was able to run XNAnimation sample perfectly on visual studio 2008 with PlayerMarine.fbx displaying its animation nicely on the screen. I have also looked into Skinned Model ( and add the dude.fbx from Skinned Model sample to XNAnimation sample and it is able to display normally.

I need to edit the model animation and if possible the model look. By doing so i have searched the internet and it leads to 3ds Max, where it is able to import and export .fbx file.

I then import dude.fbx into 3ds Max and do some simple animation with it, like move its hand up and down. But after export dude.fbx from 3ds Max back to XNAnimation Sample, the animation display differently in XNAnimation Sample as of what i have animated on 3ds Max.

Image of dude in 3ds Max
Image of dude in XNAnimation

By looking only at the right hand, it is displaying differently. I have also tried other animation move on dude.fbx and load into XNAnimation sample, but all is displaying differently. How can i make it right?

Firstly, is it good to use 3ds Max to work on .fbx animation? if not is there any good software around?
Secondly, is there any nice place to download free model with bone rigged? Coz i have downloaded some free model but when i load onto XNAnimation, it prompt me an error of missing bones.
Thirdly, is there any nice guide books for me to increase my knowledge in this area?

I am currently trying to put a biped into a free model and hope to skinned it, which i have read on How to Cheat in 3ds Max 2011 book chapter 8, but it took me many days still can't make it right. But will this work?

Sry if this have been ask in other posts or else where and sorry for the long msg, i have really trying all means i can do, and is many off i cant understand, and hope to find some hope in this forum. Thanks thanks alot.


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Mar 29, 2011 at 6:40 PM

Dunno about the fbx stuff, I'm sticking to X for now.


Here's some links for free and cheap(ish) models and textures: (where the dwarf came from)