FBX support?

Nov 20, 2007 at 8:32 PM
Hiya everyone

I've switched to Blender for my .x exporting and I'm still not having much luck. I'm about to try the workflow hints I found in this forum, but in the meantime I've had advice from some Blender people that the .fbx exporter is much better than the .x exporter for the time being. I also have another .fbx export plugin that seems quite good.

Is FBX supported by the animation component? I've read bits and bobs that it can be, but I'm not sure. What content processors would you select from the popup under the model's properties in XNA?

Are there any other things about FBX that would be good to know, as my source professed he wasn't an XNA person. Does FBX support vertex weighting and bones?