Problem with XML - Ticks per second

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Sep 1, 2007 at 3:08 PM
Hi all.

Ive been having a problem with having multiple animations set on one bone.

I am attempting to Animate a radar dish that spins and also changes angles and heres my process and problems.
Using 3dsmax 9 and Panda Exporter heres what I did:
I modeled a single mesh, and added 3 bones (For rotation and spinning)
I added keyframes and animation defining a base animation (0-1), a rotation animation (2-18) and a 'nod' animation (19-23)

Now heres where it gets a bit 'funky'.
Upon exporting using these settings
-3ds Max Objects options (All but Inline, Dummy and Flipnormals)
-Animaiton options (Anim-1 0-23 with Matrix and Maxticks 30fps)

The base animation shows a still radar (Correct)
The rotating radar shows frames ~23 - backwards (Incorrect)
and the Nod shows a still radar (Incorrect)

As I cant find any description anywhere on what options to use to export, where to place animation keys in 3ds I am a bit stuck. I searched for ~6 hours to find a boning tutorial (that wasn't character rigging) and decided to experiment sigh

If I had the 3ds model with animation for the dwarf (or even some other model with multiple animations) I could work it out by example =/

I have the 4 files at

Thanks in advance for any help you can give.